Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hill Of Truth 12 Hour

Over the past weekend TVB Race engaged in a twelve hour mountain bike mud race. I know its been raining a ton this year and everyone has done a mud race or two but this one really got the tops. By the end of the race the trails were covered in a thick layer of mud the consistency of baby poop. Everyone's fist laps were run in the team kits but after that no one could bring themselves to reinstall a cold, mud chamois after drying off and warming back up.

TVB Race entered three teams: Joey and SheBeasts in rec, Worm Burners in Sport, and TVB Race/Tomato Head in Open. Joey and SheBeasts roster included, well, Joey, Alix, Eleanor, and Kaitlyn. They took first place in their category winning with a solid two lap lead. Worm Burners finished second in Sport with great lap times. In Open TVB Race took 2nd after battling the first place team all day. We had the lead for several laps after the 1st place team had a mechanical. However, we were not able to keep them off our tails and ended up with a second place finish. Fun was had by all and the photos show the mayhem.

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