Monday, November 9, 2009

Hoss of Cross 1&2

the pro 123 race
the snuggie
the beer

The Farm

A brief report on the Hoss of Cross races this weekend.  1. the weather was great 2. they had a keg of yazoo beer on hand, free for the taking 3. the course was tough, but at the same time fast as shit 4. Snuggie for a prize.  That seems to be enough to constitute a good cross race and it was.  The race took place on paces cog farm which is about an hour west of Nashville, not terribly convenient for E. TN, but might be worth the drive to race and camp out on the grounds.  Rumor has it that a 6 hour mtb race is going to take place on the farm in March.  Mike Pace has built about 15 miles of trail on 475 acres and wants to get some folks out there to ride it.  The racing this weekend was good, some took it serious, some were having fun, beer feeds included.  The fields were not large but still remained competitive.  I came out 3rd on Saturday and 5th on Sunday in the Cat 3's. Overall the venue is great for racing and every year the race is growing, next year should be even better.


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  1. Hey Michael,

    David Sellers trying to contact you directly. Apologies for using the blog. We rode together a couple of times earlier this year. Want to ride some more. Email:
    Happy New Year!!